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  • Freetech Road Recycling Technology(Holdings) Limited

    Founded in 1993 in Hong Kong, Freetech has been devoted in hot-in-place recycling technology. At present, Freetech has been labled as "road doctor" with business integrating planing&design, manufacturing,engineering,and education.

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  • Bettis Asphalt & Construction, Inc. | Topeka | Lawrence ...

    • Asphalt Paving • Asphalt Patching • Pavement Maintenance • Seal Coating • Cold Milling • Pavement Profiling. HOT-IN-PLACE RECYCLING. HIR milling corrects ruts and cracks in the top 2” of existing pavement. Repairing damage caused from traffic, weather and oxidation without the need for hot mix plants or aggregate stockpiles ...

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  • Hot In-Place Recycling - Pavement Interactive

    Hot in-place recycling (HIR) is a less common form of hot asphalt recycling.There are three basic HIR construction processes in use, all of which involve a specialized plant in a continuous train operation (FHWA, 2001c [1]):Heater scarification (Figure 1).

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  • Cold In-Place Recycling - Pavement Interactive

    Cold in-place recycling (CIR) is the processing and treatment with bituminous and/or chemical additives of existing HMA pavements without heating to produce a restored pavement layer (AASHTO, 1998 [1]). It involves the same process of cold plant mix recycling except that it is done in-place by a train of equipment. Procedure

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  • Heat Design Equipment Inc. | About Us

    Founded in 1976, HEAT DESIGN EQUIPMENT INC manufactures infrared asphalt heating equipment for asphalt pavement patching, longitudinal joint heating for durable joints and pre-heating for cold weather paving, as well as asphalt recyclers and hot box storage containers.

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  • Chapter 9 - 98042 - Recycling - Sustainability - Pavements ...

    Hot In-Place Recycling, Presented by The Hot In-Place Recycling Technical Committee. Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association, 1996. F.N. Finn. Seminar on Asphalt Pavement Recycling: Overview of Project Selection, Transportation Research Record No. 780, TRB, National Research Council, Washington, DC, 1980.

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  • Hot-in-Place Asphalt Recycling in Waukesha County

    Oct 07, 2013· Waukesha County decided that hot in place recycling would be the best option, and Wolf Paving partnered with Gallagher Asphalt. Hot-in-Place asphalt recycling consists of using heating elements gently heat, rejuvenate and re-pave the existing material to reuse the existing road.

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  • Welcome to Hot In-Place Recycling by Gallagher Asphalt

    Hot In-Place recycling was pioneered by Gallagher Asphalt Corporation—one of the oldest and largest asphalt producers in the state of Illinois. We’ve been building roads for over 80 years and recycling …

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  • Save Money By Using Recycled Asphalt

    Hot In-Place Asphalt Recycling Maintenance. When using hot in-place asphalt recycling, there needs to be ongoing maintenance and crack repair for the pavement to remain in good condition over the long-term. To accomplish this, the utilization of a coal tar asphalt sealer is essential.

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  • Capabilities | Bettis Asphalt & Construction, Inc.

    At Bettis Asphalt and Construction are services include asphalt production and paving, hot-in-place recycling, site development and earthwork, and concrete and bridge repair.

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  • Asphalt Reclaimer -

    An asphalt reclaimer is essential for recycling asphalt turn up from the parking lot or road, especially when cutting and replacing patches. The reclaimer is also useful for repairing subsurface asphalt in various engineering projects. It is crucial to purchase or hire a reclaimer that is well designed for small and medium sized patching works.

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  • Asphalt Recyclers & Asphalt Plants -

    Asphalt Recyclers: Our mobile asphalt recycling plants are designed for recycling RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement) millings and broken chunk into quality hot mix asphalt. Our asphalt plants can also produce asphalt, cold patch and permanent pavement material similar to UPM® and QPR® HMA recycling rates vary by machine from 1-5 ton per batch Our continual feed recyclers also produce ...

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  • In-place pavement recycling | Asphalt magazine

    1. Cold In-place Recycling or cold in-place recycling-partial depth (CIR) – partial depth pulverization (2 to 5 inches) of the asphalt bound layers in a pavement, addition of a recycling agent, emulsified asphalt or foamed asphalt, mixing of the recycling agent and …

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  • - Hot In-Place Asphalt Recycling Information,

    Information on asphalt recycling, machinery and services methods for hot in-place asphalt recycling that can reduce your permanent road repair and asphalt maintenance costs by up to 50%.

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  • Hot In Place Recycling - Tropical Asphalt

    Understanding Hot-in-place Recycling Process Asphalt is an important part especially for road users on foot. Use of pavements has been known as the sure and simplest way of reducing accidents to pedestrians. They reduce the accidents by providing a safe walking place for them. Commonly used roads especially in populated towns have a provision for pavements.

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  • Hot in Place Asphalt Recycling Equipment, Asphalt ... - JRM

    The hot in place asphalt recycling equipment brings very significant economic and social benefits. This hot in place asphalt recycling equipment is a product of the national 863 project, national key new product, and a product of the State Torch Program. The basic features of the asphalt recycling equipment are as follows: 1.

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  • Asphalt Patch

    An asphalt patch is essentially a cold mix created using asphalt concrete. This material is created by emulsifying asphalt in soap water. The emulsified mixture is then mixed with an aggregate to create a solid substance that can be effectively used to repair cracks and potholes.

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  • What is Recycled Asphalt? | Pavement Recyclers

    During in-place hot mix asphalt recycling, repaving is performed as either a single or multiple pass operation. This process relies on equipment specialized in heating, scarifying, rejuvenating, laydown and compaction. Cold Mix Asphalt. Recycled cold mix produced at a central RAP processing facility requires similar materials as hot mix asphalt.

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  • Appendix B Pavement Rehabilitation Techniques

    Appendix B Pavement Rehabilitation Techniques This appendix provides a summary of each of the following pavement rehabilitation techniques: Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation Techniques Asphalt patching Cold milling Hot in-place recycling Cold-in place recyling Asphalt overlay Concrete overlay Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Techniques

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  • Hot-In-Place Recycling | Dustrol, INC

    What is Hot-in-Place Recycling? Hot-In-Place recycling, or HIR, is an efficient process used to repair and rehabilitate deteriorated bituminous streets and highways on-site with specialized equipment. Our MARS ® system (Mobile Asphalt Recycling System) is the newest method of rejuvenating asphalts of up to 2 inches or more.

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  • Cold in Place Asphalt Recycling Machine, Cold Recycler | JRM

    Also known as cold recycler, SY2500 cold in place asphalt recycling machine can perform on-site cold milling and crushing on asphalt pavement, blending crushed pavement with a certain amount of new aggregates—asphalt emulsion or foamed bitumen,cement or lime and water—and then complete the reclaimed asphalt pavement at one stroke by stirring, paving, and rolling the mixture at natural ...

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  • Hot In Place Asphalt Recycling

    Hot In-Place Asphalt Recycling is a pavement rehabilitation method that saves time, money and materials. The revolutionary Ecopaver 400 features the Multi-Stage Hot In-Place Asphalt Recycling process that increases depth and speed capabilities.

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  • KM T-2 Asphalt Recycler - KM International - Asphalt ...

    The KM T-2 Asphalt Recycler is a TRUE asphalt recycler with a production rate of approximately 4 tons every hour. The ability to have access to hot mix asphalt (HMA) year round is a luxury many asphalt contractors or municipals do not have.

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  • Heat Design Equipment | Asphalt Recycling

    The HDE RAP (Raptor) Asphalt Recycler is used for recycling waste asphalt to 'like new' hot mix asphalt. There are hundreds of thousands of tons of waste asphalt stockpiled worldwide with tremendous potential value in 4-6 % bitumen, and premium aggregate.

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  • Pavement & Asphalt Recycling Machine | Asphalt Recycler

    The RENOVA is appropriate for patching potholes, utility cuts and other small asphalt repairs year round regardless of the outside temperature. The savings realized pay for the machine quickly as you recycle old pavement instead of buying replacement hot mix from the asphalt plant.

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  • Mayor: Hot-in-place asphalt repair explained

    Mayor: Hot-in-place asphalt repair explained Mike Vandersteen 5:24 p.m. CDT September 5, 2015 Hot­in­place asphalt recycling is the process that the city used to give some of our streets a fresh, smooth driving surface last month. This project allowed the Department of Public Works to test this method to see if it ...

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  • Used Asphalt Recyclers For Sale -

    We stock used asphalt recyclers for sale from a variety of manufacturers such as Bagela, KM, Asten Cook, Stepp, , and others. Mobile Asphalt Recycling Plants are designed to recycle RAP asphalt into quality hot mix for driveways, roadway and parking lot repairs. Many of our mobile asphalt pavement recyclers are also capable of ...

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  • Asphalt Recycler | Asphalt Recycling Machine

    With its national headquarters in Charlotte, NC, RENOVA provides asphalt repair equipment and solutions that save time and money. Existing old damaged asphalt pavement is recyclable, and with the RENOVA Industries asphalt pavement recycling machine, it can be re-processed on site into reusable hot asphalt mix.

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  • Hot In-place Asphalt Recycling - YouTube

    Jan 05, 2016· Hot In-place Asphalt Recycling by Bettis Asphalt Please contact Bettis Asphalt at with any questions.

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