Floor Expansion Joint Cover Plates

  • Expansion Joint Covers | Gradus - contract interior solutions

    They also help to protect expansion joints from dirt and debris and create a safe transition between floor coverings for pedestrian and wheeled traffic. Gradus profiles offer a simple yet practical range of expansion joint covers.Each profile has been engineered to provide different features and benefits to cover a range of different joint ...

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  • Home - Balco

    Leading manufacturer of architectural products that provide Building Safety Solutions, like expansion joints, IllumiTread™ photoluminescent egress markings, and more. After 60 years of experience, Balco is an industry leader in the global construction market promoting life safety and building longevity

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  • Mechanical Expansion Joint Covers - Latham Australia

    At Latham Australia, our engineering team has spent decades researching, designing and refining the very highest performing expansion joint covers for constructed surfaces and joinery materials. Latham manufactures a complete range of covers for expansion joints including for floor, floor-to-wall, wall, ceiling, and roof applications.

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  • Interior Expansion Joint Covers Selection Guide - EMSEAL

    Interior expansion joint covers from EMSEAL are designed to maximize durability and coordinate aesthetically. *Stock Item: These are short-lead-time items stocked by EMSEAL in quantities usually sufficient to meet project demands. If not in stock EMSEAL will provide an import quote and lead time.

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  • Floor Systems - Nystrom

    Butt joint cover plate Thermal movement Floor-to-floor Surface mount Pedestrian traffic Optional moisture or fire barrier Learn More Architectural Aluminum Anti-Slip System

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  • EMSEAL QuickCover Tech Data Sheet - Expansion Joints

    the intended joint size. The joint is prepared, a mounting bead of supplied silicone is applied to each joint face and tooled flat, the shrink wrap is removed and the assembly is lowered into the joint. Weight is applied to the coverplate until the foam has self-expanded into the wet mounting silicone. Within about one hour the joint is ...

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  • Expansion Joint Systems - Balco - balcousa.com

    Balco Expansion Joint Systems and Seismic Joint Covers are the vanguards of architecturally specified products. We constantly innovate and incorporate the latest technology to protect commercial buildings from damage due to fires and movement from thermal expansion, wind or earthquakes. From parking garages to hospitals, schools, shopping centers, hotels, airports, etc., Balco's priority is ...

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  • MM Systems

    MM Systems is a world leader in expansion joint technology. For architectural interior floor, roof and walls and exterior waterproof parking structures and decks, our expansion joints …

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  • Home - Unison Joints

    Unison Joints is the innovator in cover plates, expansion joints and movement solutions for construction. We have supplied our products all over the world and work closely with architects and specifiers to continuously improve our products and customise solutions for your situation.

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  • Expansion Joint Covers - Floor, Aluminium, Structural ...

    Expansion Joint Covers are applied over expansion gaps within a structure at determined locations, designed to absorb structural movements. These structural movement can be defined as thermal and seismic.Thermal movement caused by temperature changes within the structure.

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  • What is an Expansion Joint Cover? - c-sgroup.eu

    “Expansion Joint Covers are ugly” – ONLY IF not specified correctly, these days joint covers can incorporate many types of floor finishes (even marble) and can be hidden very effectively. Now that’s out of the way, on to the burning question… What is an Expansion Joint Cover?

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  • Expansion Joint Systems - Miska

    Versatile Stainless Steel Cover Plate Expansion Joint system is a step above the rest providing flexibility at installation. Robina Hospital Miska Carpark joint provides an easy to install and waterproof expansion joint for the Robina Hospital multi-storey carpark.

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  • QuickCover Floor and Wall Expansion Joint Coverplate ...

    QuickCover is a surface-mounted floor and wall expansion joint with no visible fasteners. The precompressed foam on either side of the cover plate tee locks the system in place. Installation is rapid making QuickCover ideal for retrofit as well as new construction. …

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  • Zero #671 Expansion Joint Cover Plate System, Surface ...

    This four-part, custom-width, surface-mounted, expansion joint cover plate system is comprised of two end pieces, an aluminum grooved plate, and a neoprene grooved plate. This cover plate system is designed be applied surface-mounted, and is .375” high.

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  • Floor Expansion Joint Covers Archives - Inpro Asia

    Floor Expansion Joint Covers. JointMaster® offers a variety of Expansion Joint Floor Systems for both Thermal and Seismic applications. Our expansion joint cover systems are designed to do the job right while barely being noticed by featuring minimal sight lines and high load ratings.

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  • MM Systems - Building Expansion Joints, Fire-rated ...

    Dual Interlocking Hinge Series. The DIH Series is designed for expansion joint openings with the ability to provide a smooth and virtually impact-free transition between opposing floor surfaces in addition to accommodating heavy rolling loads and multi-directional seismic movement. The dual interlocking center slide plates are hinged to allow the system to remain flush with finished floor surface.

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  • Floor Expansion Joint Covers, Floor Expansion Joint Covers ...

    Floor Expansion Joint Covers, find quality Floor Expansion Joint Covers products,Floor Expansion Joint Covers Manufacturers, Floor Expansion Joint Covers Suppliers and Exporters at MEISHUO.

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  • Jointmaster® - Expansion Joint & Architectural Systems ...

    We realize every building has different needs, so we have a team of experts on hand to help with your project-specific conditions. We manufacture a wide array of products, including: floor, wall and ceiling expansion joint cover systems, exterior expansion joint systems, foam and compression seals, and expansion joint fire barrier systems.

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  • Architectural Details - Building Expansion Joints - Floor ...

    11.3. Floor Conditions. Description: Since building expansion joints are designed to isolate sections of a building, they inevitably cut through floors. Copper and copper alloys can be used in floor expansion joints in two ways: as trim and cover plates, or to prevent the flow of water through the expansion …

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  • Metal Expansion Joint Covers - Exterior & Outdoor | SlipNOT®

    METAL EXPANSION JOINT COVERS. SlipNOT® expansion joint cover plates provide a durable high traction walking surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.Expansion joint covers are utilized for bridge sidewalks, parking decks, transportation platforms, walkways and other areas to meet public safety and regulatory compliance.

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  • Floor Expansion Joint Covers | CS

    Floor Expansion Joint Cover Selector Download Shortcut Photo Gallery. C/S Expansion Joint Covers (EJC) offers many types of joint covers for floors. This selector page displays all our floor joint cover models. Joint sizes and movement dynamics dictate whether you require a standard or seismic expansion joint cover system.

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  • JointMaster 806 & 811 Expansion Joint Covers - YouTube

    Aug 06, 2015· This short video covers the features and benefits of the JointMaster® 806 (Floor) and complementary 811 (Wall) interior and exterior expansion joint systems. The perfect floor & wall expansion ...

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  • Floor Expansion Joint Covers | CS Expansion Joint Covers

    An extensive collection of floor expansion joint covers, featuring gasketed, all metal & simple cover strips to choose from. Suitable for all project requirements. An extensive collection of floor expansion joint covers, featuring gasketed, all metal & simple cover strips to …

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  • Expansion Joint Covers for Floors: Gasket, Metal, Strip ...

    CS Expansion Joint Covers (EJCs) for floors can accommodate varying requirements depending on the project. For example, expansion joints might need to withstand high rolling loads; or play a part in maintaining very high hygiene standards. The CS range is so extensive, it's easy to select a product that meets demands.

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  • Floor Covers | Store

    Floor Covers,CS offers hundreds of standard floor cover designs: select from flush gasketed covers to metal covers and even pan style covers in a variety of sizes and movement characteristics. ... Online Store / Expansion Joint Covers / Floor Covers. Floor Covers. CS Floor Covers are available for all floor conditions. Buy 1"-4" floor covers to ...

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  • Expansion Joint Covers - Fire & Vapor Barriers

    Learn more about the critical process behind testing and installing expansion joint cover systems for floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, and fire barrier. Understanding the proper protocols when it comes to expansion joint cover installation is crucial to pass inspection, as well as to ensure safety.

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  • Watson Bowman Acme interior floor joint systems - WBA Corp

    Products. Wabo®Allure Image Product Codes. AFJ. Description. Wabo®Allure is the original expansion joint system that is nearly invisible to the surrounding floor area except for a narrow…

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  • Expansion Joint Covers (Systems) & Movement Joints/Control ...

    Su Zhou Joint Engineering Materials Co.,Ltd. (Spring Thunder Engineering Materials [email protected] Kong) is a global supplier of building expansion joint covers and tile movement joint / control joint from China. We have more than 21 years' experience in designing, manufacturing expansion joint covers

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  • Expansion Joint Systems - Specialty Building Products

    Compression Seals (16) Expansion Joint Systems (45) Fire Barrier Systems (4) Material. ... Nystrom delivers the expansion joints you need. Compression Seal Systems; Floor Systems; Wall + Ceiling Systems; ... Butt joint cover plate Thermal movement Floor-to-floor Surface mount Pedestrian traffic Optional moisture or fire barrier.

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  • Floor Expansion Joint Covers | Inpro Corporation

    Floor Expansion Joint Covers for both Thermal and Seismic applications.Our Floor to Floor and Floor to Wall Floor expansion joint systems allow 6 way movement or 4 way movement, whilst the surface fixed products generally cover 2 directional movement.

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