Asphalt Rubber Tested In Caltrans Project

  • California Asphalt Pavement Association Rubber ... - CalAPA

    Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt (RHMA) Page. A popular choice for a smooth and quiet ride The use of rubber products, including rubber from recycled tires, has become a popular choice for asphalt pavement in California.

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  • Caltrans Pavement Rehabilitation Using Rubberized Asphalt ...

    CALTRANS PAVEMENT REHABILITATION USING RUBBERIZED ASPHALT CONCRETE by Jack L. Van Kirk Senior Materials and Research Engineer ABSTRACT Caltrans has considerable experience with the use of recycled rubber in asphalt concrete (AC). This experience began in 1978 and has continued to the present.

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  • Caltrans Pavement Rehabilitation Using Rubberized …

    CALTRANS PAVEMENT REHABILITATION USING RUBBERIZED ASPHALT CONCRETE by Jack L. Van Kirk Senior Materials and Research Engineer ABSTRACT Caltrans has considerable experience with the use of recycled rubber in asphalt concrete (AC). This experience began in 1978 and has continued to the present.

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  • Newsletter of the California Pavement Preservation Center

    of Caltrans, who noted that July 1, 2014, is the target date for full implementation. Although the Superpave specifications for asphalt bind-ers (i.e., the “PG” grading / testing system) has been used by Caltrans for several years, the switch to Superpave mix design (from Hveem mix design) will complete the change-over.

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  • Porous Asphalt Pavements - California Coastal Commission

    Porous Asphalt Pavements w/ Stone Recharge Beds Brandon Milar California Asphalt Pavement ... First use of porous asphalt in CA Urban redevelopment project ... – Caltrans test methods – CT368 mix design for OGFC – CT205 determination of crushed materials

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  • DEVELOPMENT OF RUBBER BINDER ... - Asphalt Pavement

    DEVELOPMENT OF RUBBER BINDER SPECIFICATIONS IN CALIFORNIA: PROJECT UPDATE David Jones, PhD and Zia Alavi, PhD University of California Pavement Research Center . Davis, California . Asphalt Binder Expert Task Group Meeting . ... Caltrans specs/QC testing therefore limited to

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  • Caltrans use of scrap tires in asphalt rubber products: a ...

    For a specific project, an appropriate asphalt rubber binder design must be developed using the designated source and grade of asphalt, asphalt modifier (extender oil), and CRM materials (scrap tire and high natural rubber). The asphalt rubber binder used by Caltrans requires 20 ± 2 percent CRM by total asphalt binder weight.

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    10-1.___ ASPHALT-RUBBER SEAL COAT . ... truck load delivered to the project. B. Paving asphalt shall be tested at least once for every 180 tonnes of production with a minimum of once per project. C. Asphalt modifier shall be tested at least once for every 23 tonnes of production with a

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    of asphalt rubber binder at the hot mix asphalt (HMA) production facility in ... asphalt to Caltrans projects using a certificate of compliance. Suppliers shall be certified ... by the quality assurance sampling and testing of asphalt at project locations. 7. Quality Control – An essential part of this .

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    Section 23 – Asphalt Concrete 1/1/16 23.4 as specified in the Contract or these Specifications. The first lift of multi-lift pavement can be placed at a lower temperature …

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  • Authorized Materials Lists (AML) | Caltrans

    Authorized Material Lists are specified in Caltrans specifications and are primarily a proactive measure used in conjunction with other acceptance activities as outlined in Department standards and guidance documents. The materials included on these lists are authorized for use on Caltrans construction projects.

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  • User Guidelines for Waste and Byproduct Materials in ...

    The reported performance of rubber-modified asphalt concrete pavements has varied widely in different sections of the United States. The following paragraphs summarize the experiences of selected states with the dry process. The California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) has constructed four projects using the PlusRide dry process ...

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  • New asphalt pavements research, and long-life (perpetual ...

    New asphalt pavements research, and long-life (perpetual) asphalt ... – CalME being implemented as Caltrans standard asphalt new pavement and rehab design method • Construction Productivity Tool and Database ... -Review appropriateness and applicability of QC/QA testing on Superpave projects and make recommendations for revised

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  • Chapter 4 Construction Details - Caltrans

    procedures to help ensure that quality asphalt is produced for Caltrans projects. This certification program is system-based and incorporates reviews and statistical : evaluations of a supplier’s product and testing program. The certifi cation program ; also includes historical data analysis of supplier and Caltrans random testing of

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  • Material Plant Quality Program | Caltrans

    The Material Plant Quality Program (MPQP) provides procedures to approve proportioning material plants that produce materials for Caltrans construction projects according to the MPQP Manual and Caltrans specifications. The following material plants require approval (but are not limited to): HMA batch and continuous; Asphalt rubber binder

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  • Chapter 4 Construction Details -

    the testing data developed by the mix design laboratory. If Form CEM-3513, “Caltrans Hot Mix Asphalt Verification,” is not attached, the completed mix design data Form CEM-3512 must have been dated within the past 12 months. • Form CEM-3513, if submitted, documents Caltrans’ verification test results for the proposed job mix formula.

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  • Caltrans Experience With Rubberized Asphalt Concrete

    Caltrans has considerable experience With the use of rubber in dense graded asphalt concrete hot mix (DGAC). This experience began in 1978 and has continued to the present. The experience to date has indicated that the use of rubber in asphalt concrete can be cost-effective. On the early projects. Caltrans compared equal thickness of rubberized

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  • APPENDIX A Selected Project Reviews by Caltrans

    Field Performance of Caltrans Asphalt Rubber Thin Overlay Projects In the past, Caltrans depended heavily on long term field test sections to evaluate and validate design procedures. Since the late seventies, Caltrans started experimenting with the use of reclaimed tire rubber in asphalt concrete by constructing field test sections at

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  • Caltrans - Office Engineer - Advertised Projects

    State of California. List of Bid Items. Note: This list is not updated when addenda are issued. For informational purposes only. Contract Number 06-0S4604 Date Adv.: 08/05/2019

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  • Caltrans and Recycled Transportation Products

    Recycled road base on Caltrans projects must conform to Caltrans specifications for AB and ASB. As stated in the Standard Special Provisions (SSP), Caltrans allows "reclaimed asphalt concrete, Portland cement concrete, lean concrete base, cement treated base," …

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  • Projects -

    Projects To search for a project, enter filter criteria in the appropriate input field below. If a project is not listed, please contact a METS Representative for assistance.

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    “Terminal blend” rubber binder (<250µm) used in dense-graded mixes tested according to Caltrans PG -M spec Caltrans 2015 internal mandate requires that all surface courses placed below 3,000ft are asphalt rubber mixes SB1 funding will likely increase number of AR projects

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  • 10-1 -

    project. C. Asphalt modifier shall be tested at least once for every 23 tonnes of production with a minimum of once for each. project. D. A copy of the laboratory test results for the test parameters specified in these special provisions for CRM, paving ... ASPHALT-RUBBER BINDER. ASTM Test Requirement. Test Parameter Method Min. Max. Cone ...

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    ASPHALT-RUBBER BINDER Asphalt-rubber binder shall consist of a mixture of paving asphalt, asphalt modifier, and crumb rubber modifier. At least 15 days before its intended use, the Contractor shall furnish the Engineer four 1-quart cans filled with the asphalt-rubber binder proposed for use on the project.

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  • Production and Construction Guide RAC-104 Index

    A Log of Asphalt Rubber Binder Production shall also be maintained for each project. For each batch of asphalt rubber produced, the log should list the weights of each component used, the reaction start time, and results of each viscosity test performed, including the time and asphalt rubber binder temperature and the time when the batch

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    TERMINAL BLEND MODIFIED ASPHALT WITH RECYCLED TIRE RUBBER ... Terminal Blended Tire Rubber Asphalt applications ... Test Project Caltrans District 6 in 2011 Interstate 5 96 lane miles Kern and Kings County From Lost Hills Hwy 46 To Utica Exit on I-5 30,000 AADT with 30% truck traffic

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  • ARTIC - California -

    Accelerated Pavement Testing of Rutting Performance of Two Caltrans Overlay Strategies This paper contains results of accelerated pavement tests at elevated temperatures on dense graded asphalt concrete and gap-graded asphalt rubber hot mix.

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  • Asphalt-Rubber Information Index Page

    The Arizona Asphalt-Rubber Project Review Part 1: Evaluation of A-R Pavements Constructed Before 1992 By Gene R. Morris, P.E. and Douglas D. Carlson 1999 Rubberized AC Pavement Review Conducted By Representatives of Caltrans Rubber Pavements Association California Integrated Waste Management Board ... Bay Area Emission Testing of Asphalt-Rubber ...

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  • Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC)

    Asphalt-Rubber. Asphalt-rubber is defined by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard D6114 as "a blend of paving grade asphalt cement, ground recycled tire (that is, vulcanized) rubber and other additives, as needed, for use as binder in pavement construction. The rubber shall be blended and interacted in the hot asphalt ...

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  • DRISI Research Results - Caltrans

    Caltrans Division of Research, DRISI Innovation and System Information Research Results Asphalt Rubber Binder Testing and Acceptance A dynamic shear rheometer with a concentric cylinder geometry can measure the performance properties of asphalt rubber binders Pavement JANUARY 2016 Project Title: Rubber Binder Testing and Acceptance Task Number ...

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