Sealing Industrial Floor Joints Concrete Construction

  • Durable Concrete Control Joints | Concrete Construction ...

    Sep 19, 2016· Instead, a growing number of contractors have long since turned to polyurea as a superior control joint filler and sealant. Performance Formulated Polyurea “For new construction, remodels, or remediation, we have found that polyureas protect concrete control joints better than epoxies, silicones, and urethanes,” says Gutierrez.

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  • Sealing industrial floor joints| Concrete Construction ...

    The proper joint sealing technique depends on the service conditions of the floor. The joint sealant shape you recommend is often correct for exterior concrete that is exposed to changing temperatures because the joints open and close when the concrete expands and contracts. For these applications, a flexible sealant is commonly used.

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  • Floor Expansion Joint Covers | Inpro Corporation

    Floor Expansion Joint Covers; ... Floor Expansion Joint Applications. JointMaster Floor Expansion Joint Systems have been featured in a variety of projects across many application types including: stadiums, airports, educational, entertainment facilities and more. ... 200 Series Dual Seal Floor Expansion Joint Covers .

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  • V-Seal Commercial Concrete Sealer: Industrial Floor ...

    on Commercial Sealers. V-Seal commercial concrete floor sealers not only looks good but are resistant to heat, UV radiation, water damage, chemical spills, abrasions and discoloration in high use and high traffic areas. 877-738-7325 For Expert Advice

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  • Floor Joint Sealant - Expansion joint filler - Watco ...

    Floor Joint Sealant is a two-component polyurethane based flexible joint sealant. It is a pourable grade suitable for filling construction joints, expansion joints and cracks. It can be used in both interior and exterior applications for filling and sealing moving and non-moving joints in concrete floors. Joint sides should be clean and dry.

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  • Leakproof Joints in Swimming Pools| Concrete Construction ...

    The general approach to locating joints and sealing them includes designing to minimize movement at any one location and providing positive methods of sealing. These methods utilize water stops cast in the concrete and sealants located on the water side so that the head of water tends to force them ...

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  • Sealing of Joints | a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals

    Methodology for the sealing of Joints (Expansion and Construction / Contracting) with a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals' Products. ... Industrial variable speed drill ... Fuel Resistant Concrete & Asphalt Joint Sealant. flexothane HS with flexoprime A for asphalt joints and flexoprime C for concrete joints…

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  • Joints in Concrete Buildings -

    Typical details for a construction joint in a concrete pavement or industrial floor on grade are shown in Figure 2. The slab reinforcement is carried through the joint and extra tie bars are inserted to hold the two sides together. Page 2Joints in Concrete Buildings Top of floor Beam soffit Scabble and clean laitence off surface prior to placing

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  • Sikaflex 29 oz. Self-Leveling Concrete Sealant in Gray ...

    Sikaflex 29 fl. oz. Self-Leveling Sealant is a single component, self-leveling, premium-grade polyurethane sealant with an accelerated curing capacity used to seal gaps, joints and cracks. No tooling feature saves time and money. 29 oz. size is ideal for larger projects. Gray in …

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  • SealBoss Infrastructure Solutions, crack injection ...

    SealBoss ® Corp. international specialty construction products, systems and equipment for infrastructure and geotechnical applications. Concrete repair, crack injection, water stop and leak seal technology, floor repairs, coatings, slab lifting and soil consolidation.

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  • Sika USA

    Sika Corporation, headquartered in Lyndhurst, NJ, is a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and solutions for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting the construction, residential & home improvement, oil & gas pipeline and the transportation, marine and automotive manufacturing industries.

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  • Expansion Joint Sealant | Construction Sealants | Bostik

    Our epoxy and polyurethane expansion joint sealant formulations come in one (1K) and two part (2K) formulations and will provide strong and long lasting ingress protection for expansion joints on substrates including concrete, metal, bricks and glass. Construction sealants: sealant technologies Polyurethane sealant

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  • Types of Concrete Joints and Placing Tips

    Jun 16, 2019· Construction joints are normally placed at the end of the day or be placed when concrete pour has been stopped for longer than the initial setting time of concrete. Construction joints should be designed and specified by a structural engineer. You can also achieve bond and continue reinforcement through a construction joint.

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  • Industrial Joint Sealants & Adhesives : Arcon Supplies

    Industrial Joint Sealants & Adhesives. ... Nitoseal MS60 for sealing joints in concrete, brickwork, blockwork, perimeter sealing around doors and windows, and non-trafficked floor joints. Available in a range of colours. ... Flamex Fire Protection for fire protection in expansion and construction joints in floors, walls anc ceilings, ...

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  • Concrete Joint Sealant - What Are The Different Types Of ...

    Using concrete joint sealant to seal concrete expansion joints and concrete contraction joints in concrete floors and concrete walls is an important part of maintaining the integrity of the concrete.. Installing the proper kind of concrete joint sealant will help protect the structure from moisture damage caused by rain, wind, gravity, capillary force, and surface tension.

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  • Application sealing floor joints - YouTube

    Feb 15, 2017· What must be taken into account when sealing floor joints? We show step by step all application details that matter to get in the end the perfect joint.

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  • Search Results for Manufacturer-Sherwin-Williams-Company

    Search results for Manufacturer-Sherwin-Williams-Company- on the Dodge Data & Analytics Sweets Network. Download CAD, Specs, 3D, BIM and green product information.

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  • Industrial Joint Fillers & Sealants | 800.223.6680 ...

    Our concrete floor joint fillers, joint sealants, epoxies and polyureas ship worldwide for quick, easy industrial floor repair. Call 1.800.223.6680 today!

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  • Repairing Industrial Floor Joints| Concrete Construction ...

    The joints in our 4-year-old warehouse floor have spalled to different degrees--from minor edge chipping to more major ruts that are affecting forklift traffic. Can we just prepare the deteriorated areas, then fill the gap with a sealant or other material? Or do we need to reconstruct the slab edges and create a new joint?

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  • Joints in Concrete Slabs - The Concrete Network

    Where to Locate Joints in Concrete Slabs Be active in deciding where to place control joints Joints in commercial floors Decorative joints: Tips for placing joints in decorative concrete Special Considerations for Installing Joints Load transfer- Transferring loads across joints Sealing joints- Tips for sealing and filling joints

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  • What is a Joint Sealant? - Definition from Corrosionpedia

    The design of joint sealants is dependent on the substrates used to provide the joints. It is available in preformed and liquid-applied forms. Aesthetics must also be considered when manufacturing the sealant. For a long-lasting sealing, the physical, chemical and durability properties are required to withstand the types of joints. However, the ...

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  • Floor Joint Sealants | Construction Sealants | Bostik

    Floor joint sealant: sealant technologies Polyurethane (PU) sealant . Bostik PU products are some of our strongest sealant technologies. Coupled with high levels of flexibility, these sealants are ideal for expansion & control joints. We provide both 1 and 2-part polyurethane solutions, as well as 2-in-1 adhesive and sealant products.

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  • Joint Sealing Solutions| Concrete Construction Magazine

    Jun 26, 2006· Deck expansion joint sealing is critical to parking structure performance and longevity. Even more critical than watertightness of joints is parking deck design that incorporates a structural slab waterproofing membrane under a wear-course or topping slab. Until the emergence of a watertight ...

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  • Concrete Slab Repair, Industrial Concrete Floor Repair

    Our experience of repairing warehouse and industrial concrete floor slabs has enabled us to develop standard repair details for the vast majority of floor slab defects. Here at CG Flooring Systems we assess the condition of any concrete industrial floor slab, where damage and defect rectification generally fall into one of the categories below:

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  • Joint Sealants | Architect Magazine

    Modern commercial structures rely heavily on joint sealants to prevent water damage to buildings and their contents. While residential buildings use water-shedding techniques such as sloped roofs, lap siding, and overlapping flashings, many commercial designs don't; if a joint sealant fails, there is little or no barrier to leakage.

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  • Sealing and Coating Industrial and Warehouse Floors | Help ...

    High-Build Industrial Epoxy Floors - Our solids industrial epoxy is the "workhorse" for large commercial, industrial and manufacturing floors. This low-odor coating applies easily and the coating fills imperfections in the concrete floor, leaving a beautiful finish. Epoxies provide a heavy-duty, hard, durable and chemical resistant coating.

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  • Sealing Joints in a Concrete Slab - The Concrete Network

    Contraction joints Where to Locate Joints in Concrete Slabs Be active in deciding where to place control joints Joints in commercial floors Decorative joints: Tips for placing joints in decorative concrete Special Considerations for Installing Joints Load transfer- Transferring loads across joints Sealing joints- Tips for sealing and filling joints

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  • Control Joint Sealants -

    Concrete Repair Department of Transportation (DOT) Flooring & Wall Systems ... Polyurea Control Joint Filler Sikadur®-51 NS. Flexible epoxy control-joint sealer/adhesive Sikadur®-58 CJR. Semi-flexible Epoxy Control Joint Resin Let's Build Something Amazing. Contact Us. Find a Sales Rep.

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  • Metzger/McGuire - Industrial Concrete Floor Repair & Joint ...

    For concrete joint filler and industrial floor repair, epoxies, polyureas, Colorfast and sealant products, call 1.800.223.6680 today. We ship worldwide!

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