Use Of An Additive And Paving Grade Asphalt In Shingle

  • CHAPTER FOUR Asphalt Additives and Modifiers ...

    RAS, defined by AASHTO MP 23-14, Standard Specification for Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles as an Additive in Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA), as â any type of waste roofing asphalt shingles that have been processed into a recyclable product,â have become another promising recycling candidate.

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    346 washington street – asphalt roof replacement project 23ab vine street – asphalt roof replacement project 72 home – north side roof replacement 64 fountain ave – roof repair / patch part 1 – general 1.1 related information, documents and requirements 1. reference section 00200 and the mm fy14 project manual dated january 4, 2013 for a

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  • Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement and Recycled Asphalt ...

    TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 495: Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement and Recycled Asphalt Shingles in Asphalt Mixtures summarizes current practices for the use of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) in the design, production, and construction of asphalt mixtures.

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  • Installation and Cost of Asphalt Roof -

    Jul 25, 2019· Asphalt shingles are one of the least expensive roofing materials, and they are available in a wide variety of colors. Asphalt shingles are commonly used on sloped roofs, single homes, and smaller residential projects just to name a few. This material is very easy to install and provides flexibility during its installation process.

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  • Are There Different Types Of Asphalt And If So, What ...

    The base grade is generally used in corn stabilizing level. The I-5 or top is commonly used for homeowners and businesses. I-4 or Commercial top consist of a mixture of ¾ inches of stone and is used when added stability ans strength is needed for the asphalt. These are the different grades of asphalt, but are there any different types of asphalt?

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  • Use of asphalt roofing shingle waste in HMA - ScienceDirect

    The asphalt from the shingles causes a significant increase in the stiffness of the recycled asphalt binder, and in order to increase the performance grade (PG) of the recycled asphalt binder by one grade, 5% additional shingle is sufficient. 2. The use of shingles in HMA mixture improves the rutting resistance of the mix.

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  • How is Asphalt Made? (with pictures) -

    Sep 08, 2019· In addition, when heated to a high temperature, it forms the basis for the creation of asphalt roofing and shingles, which have been used for years to make roofs of homes more secure and water repellent. Heating the material to the proper temperature and then adding in cement to the mixture also makes asphalt concrete.

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  • Designing Asphalt Mixes with Recycled Shingles

    Oct 22, 2013· The use of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) in asphalt pavement is increasing because those materials …

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  • Recycled Asphalt Shingles - Material Description - RMRC

    "RePave" is available for residential use in home centers and hardware stores. There are at least two New England firms in Massachusetts and Maine that produce "cold patch" mixtures with recycled asphalt shingles. The preliminary performance of recycled asphalt shingles in "cold patch" applications appears promising.

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  • National Asphalt Pavement Association

    Instead, the asphalt binder, aggregates, and fibers in waste shingles can be successfully put to use in new roads, parking lots, and other asphalt pavements. To aid in the further use of waste asphalt shingles in asphalt pavements, the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) has released an updated second edition of Guidelines for the Use ...

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  • Recycled Asphalt Shingles in Hot Mix Asphalt

    recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) in hot mix asphalt. This AASHTO shingle recycling specification is significant in that it provides for a national standard guideline for state and local highway departments to use when specifying materials engineering requirements. Paving …

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  • Are There Different Types Of Asphalt And If So, What ...

    May 14, 2014· The base grade is generally used in corn stabilizing level. The I-5 or top is commonly used for homeowners and businesses. I-4 or Commercial top consist of a mixture of ¾ inches of stone and is used when added stability ans strength is needed for the asphalt. These are the different grades of asphalt, but are there any different types of asphalt?

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  • Anova Asphalt Rejuvenator | Reverse Impact of Aging on ...

    Anova asphalt pavement rejuvenator is a bio-based additive shown to reverse the impact of aging in RAP and RAS binder applications. Call 1-800-842-3631.

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    USE OF TEAR-OFF RECYCLED SHINGLES IN ASPHALT PAVEMENTS Ohio Asphalt Paving & North Central User Producer Group Conference ... MP 15-09 Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Shingle as an Additive in HMA ... Shingle Impact on Binder Grade - Phase III Complete performance grading of PG 64-28 blended with RAP and

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  • REJUVENATORS: Bring Life Back to Aging Asphalt

    tons of asphalt materials.3 In addition, approximately 11 million tons of waste asphalt shingles are generated, of which 10 million tons are from installation scraps and tear-offs from re-roofing and one million tons are from asphalt shingle manufacturing.4 These materials can be processed for use as RAP and RAS in asphalt mixtures to

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  • Information Series 136: Guidelines of the Use of Reclaimed ...

    Guidelines for the Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles. in Asphalt Pavements. ... In addition to RAS usage guidelines, a life cycle assessment (LCA) and economic analysis are included to ... stiffer than standard paving grade asphalt binders and measures to account for the

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  • Asphalt Roofing Shingles in Asphalt Pavement

    Asphalt pavement is usually referred to as asphalt concrete, or AC. The base is made of a layer of aggregate base over a layer of aggregate subbase. Benefits. In addition to saving landfill space, the benefits to recycling asphalt shingles in AC include possible economic savings and improved pavement performance. Economics

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  • US7951240B2 - Process of producing roofing shingle coating ...

    In a process of producing a roofing shingle coating asphalt from a low flashpoint asphalt feedstock, an asphalt feedstock which has a low flashpoint of from 490° F. (254° C.) to 540° F. (282° C.) is partially blown, and wax is added to the asphalt feedstock. The process produces a coating asphalt having a low melt viscosity of from 50 cps to 150 cps at 400° F. (204° C.), a softening ...

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  • AsphaltColor – Colored Asphalt for Your Hardscape Projects

    Most people do not know that Asphalt can be colored to a wide range of earth tone shades. Asphalt Color’s specialty color additives turn plain black asphalt into colorful and decorative asphalt for all your hardscape projects, including driveways, roadways, roadway shoulders, highway medians, streets, bike paths, and walking paths.

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  • Investigation on the Effects of Recycled Asphalt Shingle ...

    With an increase in the price of asphalt binder, the asphalt paving industry has searched for its recycling resources. Recently, using tear-off asphalt roofing shingles in pavement systems have gained large amount of attention by transportation agencies. Beneficial use of tear-off shingle as road construction materials is an attractive option.

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  • State of RAP Industry II From roof to road | Rock To Road

    Aug 10, 2012· Brown notes that in Ontario, RAS is only currently allowed to replace RAP at a ratio of 10:1. “This is because roofing-grade asphalt used in shingles is different that paving-grade asphalt,” he explains. With roofing grade asphalt, air is blown through the AC at higher temperatures when it …

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  • Engineered Additives Product Applications

    Our products allow use of PG Grade asphalt for BURA and potentially for shingle coating versus the need to purchase expensive asphalt flux typically used in oxidation processes. Other products allow generating of targeted Penetration and Softening Point parameters for …

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  • SCDOT Designation: SC-M-407 (06/11)

    certification from the shingle supplier that the material conforms to these specifications. 4.2.3 If shingles are used, produce a uniform and reacted asphalt mixture of compatible paving grade binder, quality fine and coarse aggregates, anti-strip additive, and shredded shingles.

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  • Additives in Asphalt - Asphalt InstituteAsphalt Institute

    “Additives in Asphalt” is the topic of Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists’ (AAPT) Fall 2018 webinar series. The series will consist of three webinars. The first will discuss additives in asphalt mixtures and will provide the foundation for the second and third webinar.

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  • Special Report: Roofing Asphalt - Quality and Supply

    Special Report: Roofing Asphalt - Quality and Supply - A combination of factors has raised concerns in the U.S. roofing industry about the price – and even the availability – of roofing asphalt. These concerns have implications for the immediate future with consequences that are likely to continue for quite some time. The following is a special report provided ...

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  • Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles in Illinois

    PG64-22 is the most common grade of asphalt used in Illinois paving mixtures. To compare shingle asphalt to paving asphalt, a sample of shingle asphalt from an Illinois manufacturer was tested and resulted in a grading of PG112 +2. After several years of ultraviolet exposure, the shingle asphalt hardens further and cannot be used in large ...

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  • Asphalt Shingle Temperatures Comparison of asphalt shingle ...

    (The flash point for slow-curing liquid asphalt is around 150-225° F while an example MSDS for asphalt shingles gives a flash point of greater than 500° F. ) - IKO Production, Inc. (2012) Similarly, TAMKO® asphalt shingle MSDS information gives the melting point of their asphalt shingles as > 200°F - well above normal on-roof temperatures.

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  • The basics of asphalt roofing | Asphalt magazine

    Saturant-grade asphalt, a nonoxidized or oxidized asphalt used to manufacture saturated felt piles used in the construction of BUR systems, organic felt shingles, and other roofing materials, such as roll roofing; Coating-grade asphalt, an oxidized asphalt used to manufacture roofing materials for a variety of roofing systems, such as asphalt ...

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  • US20190153228A1 - Use of a wax-modified, air rectified ...

    System and method for manufacturing asphalt products with recycled asphalt shingles CA2942516A1 (en) 2014-03-14: 2015-09-17: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, Llc: Use of an ester additive and paving grade asphalt in built up roofing asphalt composition manufacture 2015. 2015-11-18 US US14/944,374 patent/US10189994B2/en active Active;

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    Sep 18, 2014· The present application provides the ability to use paving grade asphalt in preparing a shingle coating by the incorporation of an ester additive, such as modified vegetable oil or fat, in the paving grade asphalt. The coating asphalt composition may be formed using a paving grade asphalt in a traditional asphalt processing line.

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